2-8 Couplet

  • 2-8 or 8-2 Couplet: The 2-8 reads as a ‘love of power’ and/or a ‘love of being physical’.  It can also mean money from an insurance policy or an inheritance.  Also, it reads as ‘money from investments’ such as dividends.  Finally, the 2nd and 8th Triads are natural complements to each other.  The 2nd Triad focuses upon resources needed in the short term while the 8th Triad focuses upon resources needed in the long term.  To survive, we must eat today, tomorrow, and everyday into the future.  The 2nd and 8th Triads encompass and enable that. 

DHARMA: The 2nd and 8th Triads complement each other with the 2nd representing immediate and liquid resources such as money, and the 8th Triad representing ‘invested resources’ such as capital property, real estate, and long term securities.  The combination of the two triads indicates a balance of resources – both liquid and invested.  Balanced resources are a dharmic ideal as long as they are used for spiritual growth in self and in others.

KARMA: In general, love of physical power or love of material resources is flawed and karmic since all physical resources and even our physical bodies are lost upon transitioning into the hereafter.  The other karmic danger of the 2-8 combination is ‘love of sex’ or ‘sexual love’ which is an immersion into physicality.  Physicality is lost upon transitioning and ultimately of no ultimate need.  Any obsession with sexual relations delays or neglects spiritual growth and is karmic.

Sex for money (prostitution) must be noted here, too.  It is karmic since it does not improve nor enhance spiritual growth.