2-7 Couplet

  • 2-7 or 7-2 Couplet: Whenever the 2-7 or 7-2 couplets arise, earning money from exacting and precision work is highly likely.  Precision work is typically found in artistic endeavors where an artist tries to create a ‘perfect’ work whether on canvas, playing the piano, sculpting in clay, or working in any medium the artist chooses.  In addition to art, such precision is present in the field of electronics where ‘clean rooms’ are sometimes used.  Precision medical equipment is another field requiring 2-7/7-2 traits.  Optics is still another field where lenses or mirrors (telescopes) must be ground and polished as perfectly as possible.  Gem stone cutting is also exacting and precise.  Of course, the legal field cannot be ignored.  Applying and adjudicating laws exactly is what the legal field aspires.  Overall, the 2-7 can be described as ‘loves perfection’ which may be good or bad.

DHARMA: Read literally, the 2-7 couplet means ‘love of harmonious relationships’.  Ultimately, this is at the heart of the Golden Rule.  And having a clear perspective of moral ‘right & wrong’ regarding the Golden Rule would also be dharmic.

Ultimately, the exacting and precision work must filter down to our personal behavior and how we treat each other.  With that, the 7-2 couplet becomes ‘perfect love’, and the 2-7 becomes ‘love people’.  Both appear to be aspects of the Golden Rule – of treating others as we want to be treated.  Thus, they are dharmic.

In general, the 2nd Triad focuses more upon functional factors (it works or it doesn’t) while the 7th Triad is more spatial and aesthetic (it looks good or it doesn’t).  Given that, the 2-7 couplet implies that something ‘looks good and works good’ (excusing the bad grammar).  The 2-7 can also say ‘works beautifully’.  In all of our endeavors, and all of our relationships, we want them to work beautifully.

Of course, the 2-7 says ‘loves people’ – especially those closest to us.  That certainly fits the Golden Rule and is dharmic.  And following the Golden Rule would emulate ‘perfect love’ – the reverse 7-2 couplet.

Finally, gold would fall within the purview of the 2nd Triad since it is a valuable material which underlies money.  Meanwhile, rules fall within the 7th Triad.  If ever there was a couplet describing the Golden Rule, the 2-7 couplet is it.  The ‘2’ represents value, and the ‘7’ represents both equality and people close to us.  The spirit of the Golden Rule is to treat others equally.  Further, the 2nd Triad represents love.  With that, it says ‘love others’, or ‘love one another’.  All of these interpretations seem to describe and embody the Golden Rule.  And they are dharmic.

KARMA: Flaws from 2-7/7-2 couplets typically come from being too fussy – especially about money or material possessions.  Another downfall comes from the ‘love of beautiful things’ which is a ‘slippery slope’ toward spiritual loss.  Spiritual growth must focus upon people.  All material things are left behind when we transition out of this life.  Therefore, they will be shed, and their value is merely incidental and transitory.  Material resources should not be coveted, but leveraged instead in order to help self and others survive and align with the Golden Rule.

PHRASES: Phrases related to the 7-2/2-7 couplets include: ‘family values’, ‘loves family’, ‘loves co-workers’, ‘loves organizing’, ‘organizes resources’, ‘budgets money’, ‘logistics’, ‘organizes staff’, ‘loves perfection’, ‘loves beauty & harmony’.  For a triplet, adding the 10th Triad (old), creates a 10-7-2 which reads as ‘old family money’ such as with a wealthy family (or royalty) that passes down money over several generations.