2-6 Couplet

  • 2-6 or 6-2 Couplet: Similar to the 2-3/3-2 couplet, the 2-6/6-2 combination also relates to communication.  However, the 6th Triad describes written communication more than verbal.  The 2-6 couplet also says ‘loves writing’ since the ruler of the 2nd Triad is Venus, the ruler of ‘Love’.  Since the 2nd Triad also implies a source of income, a 2-6 or 6-2 couplet could signify a novelist, a poet, a biographer, or any other type of writer (salaried or freelance).  Screenplay writers, columnists, and bloggers fit the 2-6 couplet.  All at once, not only does the person love writing, but she or he can earn money doing it, too. 

DHARMA: The ideal to attain is quality and durability which, here, relates to accuracy with details.  The 6-2 couplet says ‘accounts for money’ or accounting, which must be highly accurate.  A statistician or mathematician would have a need for perfect accuracy, too.  And computer programmers must write perfect ‘code’ (6-2 couplet) whereby the computer runs without errors – a critical necessity for many fields.  Creating and maintaining accuracy and durability is always dharmic.

The 2-6 variants of either ‘love of health’ or ‘loves to help’ are certainly dharmic.  The 2-6 also suggests a ‘love of cooking’ which invigorates creativity and the nurturing of others – both are dharmic in nature.  ‘Love of sewing and fabrics’ is included because we need clothes to protect our bodies – a dharmic need.  Even a ‘love of helping’ such as being a nurse is within the 2-6/6-2 realm.  Plus, all of these could be sources of income (a cook, a dietician, a nurse, a seamstress or tailor, etc.)

KARMA: Problems come into play when the 6th Triad references fear and worrying.  The 6-2 becomes ‘worries about money’ and the 2-6 becomes ‘money worries’.  Financial worries can destroy a marriage, destroy a family, and destroy a life – karma.

Another problem area is not offering help when others need assistance.  Not wanting to help others is karmic.

The ‘love of food’ (2-6) can also become karmic when too much food is consumed (becoming obese or just being overweight).