2-5 Couplet

  • 2-5 or 5-2 Couplet: Earning income from fame is indicated.  The person could be an on-air news personality, a theater/television or movie star, a politician, etc.  Yet, the most likely activity is sales.  The person earns a commission only by selling a product or service to a customer.  The ‘selling’ is the 5th Triad, and earning a commission is the 2nd Triad.  With the 5th Triad also relating to ‘a show’, visual media such as television commercials would fall within the 2-5 or 5-2 combination.  A spokesperson in a commercial fits, too.  And with sales, any activity or work related to marketing could be a source of income.

DHARMA: The 5-2 says ‘show love’.  It can be as simple as a heart-felt ‘thank you’ or perhaps forgiving someone for a transgression you suffered.  It might just be simply giving someone a hug.  It could also be showing love and kindness to others.  Or it might mean that the person loves children.

KARMA: The 5th Triad means ‘showy’ or ‘flashy’.  With the 2nd Triad representing money and material goods, the person ‘shows off’ money and/or material goods – a new car, expensive clothes, ‘picks up the tab’, etc.  And this also suggests a marketing technique of using gaudy packaging to sell material goods (‘flash for cash’).  Gambling is another karmic tendency – ‘games with money’.  The other karmic danger of the 2-5/5-2 couplet is the ‘love of fame’.  Such love is a poor substitute for true self confidence and self love.    

One other karmic failure with money is gambling.  (The 2-5 couplet reads as ‘money games’.)  Gambling does not assure monetary increases, and frequently the opposite.  Squandering resources through speculation is karmic.

PHRASES: The 5-2 couplet says ‘fun with money’.  Though gambling is ‘fun with money’, it is primarily karmic.  However, collections are not necessarily karmic or dharmic.  A collection could be of coins or stamps or any valuable or sentimental object as long as it is a material (physical) object which satisfies the 2nd Triad requirement.