2-4 Couplet

  • 2-4 or 4-2 Couplet: With the 4th Triad representing comfort and safety, and the 2nd Triad indicating quality and durability, this combination often relates to ‘creature comforts’ in the home – beds, couches, carpeting, etc.  With the 2nd Triad’s inclusion of ‘earnings’, the person may even make money from furniture by either selling it or manufacturing it.

However, more often than not, the person makes money either from being a realtor or from a building trade (carpentry, roofing, brick layer, flooring & carpets, etc.).  Earning an income from ‘home safety’ such as a locksmith or from a security systems company (bank alarms) is another likely possibility.  Of course, 2-4 also reads as ‘money safe’ – a bank.  4-2 is ‘safe valuables’ which could mean a ‘safe deposit box’.  

DHARMA: The 2-4 means ‘love of caring’, and the reverse is ‘to love through caring’.  To heighten one’s sensitivity toward others and caring about them is the hallmark of motherhood and a mother’s love.  But this sensitivity and caring is a dharmic trait which everyone should acquire for spiritual growth.  Of course, the 2nd Triad also says ‘love’ and the 4th Triad says ‘mom’.  Together, they say, ‘loves mom’.

KARMA: With the 4th Triad representing ‘creature comforts’ (furniture, home, etc.), spending money on a luxurious life-style is a misdirection from spiritual goals.  The 4-2 can mean ‘protected by money’ – a false sense of protection.