2-3 Couplet

  • 2-3 or 3-2 Couplet: The 2nd Triad brings in the trait of ‘love’ or “What’s just right for me.”  The hope for most of us is to have lasting love, and that exemplifies the ‘durability’ trait of the 2nd Triad.  Meanwhile, the 3rd Triad is about local communication – talking, running, jumping, taking photographs, and other eye-hand coordinated activities.  Put together, the 2-3 couplet means ‘loves to talk’ and ‘loves to travel’.  Since the 2nd Triad rules income, the person could earn money from either talking (e.g., telecommunications, telemarketing, etc.) or traveling (e.g., deliveries, taxi service, etc.).  The 2-3 could also be a loan (2) for a vehicle (3), and the person might be a loan officer.

DHARMA: The strength of the 2nd Triad is quality and durability.  Adding the 3rd Triad, you now have talking about values, especially the best quality and durability.  If the subject includes physical motion, then vehicles might be involved.  Perhaps the discussion would relate to a vehicle with an outstanding repair record, or the best value.  Focusing and talking about values is dharmic.  Another way to look at this couplet is ‘valuable talk’.  Someone who gains a benefit from a discussion would believe the talking had benefits and was valuable.

KARMA: The 2-3 couplet embodies the phrase ‘money talks’.  The danger is being overly concerned with monetary value.  Again, as they say, ‘you can’t take it with you’ – money is only of value to humans living on the Earth.  Its value is temporary and completely evaporates when we leave this world.  The 2-3 couplet can also read, “Get rich quick.”  Such schemes are almost always doomed to failure.  Finally, failing to talk about values undermines a person’s effectiveness in managing their resources.

PHRASES: Phrases for the 2-3/3-2 couplets include: ‘loves to talk’, ‘talk of love’, ‘talk of money’, ‘loves working with hands’, ‘loves cars’, loves short trips’, ‘loves being quick’.  The phrase can also relate to numismatics – talking about the value of coins.