2-12 Couplet

  • 2-12 or 12-2 Couplet: The 12th Triad encompasses the unknown, the murky, our dreams, our illusions, hidden thoughts and things, secrets, mysteries, fantasies, magic, the imagination, and spirituality.  And separating dharma from karma is very difficult, because the separation will be unclear and murky.  It is like pouring two colors of paint into a bucket, stirring it, and then trying to separate the colors.

DHARMA: First and foremost, the 2-12/12-2 says ‘love of God’.  Additionally, the 2-12 says ‘love of spirituality’, ‘love of faith’, and ‘love of ideals’.  But ideals are only dharmic for ‘selfless ideals’ – ideals for the well being and welfare of everyone as embodied by the Golden Rule.  The reverse, 12-2, says ‘selfless or unconditional love’. 

Further, the 2-12 can be read as ‘manna from heaven’ which would translate as a ‘gift from God’.  Any ‘happy accident’ or ‘lucky windfall’ or ‘gift from God’ as well as all gifts and donations (especially secret, anonymous ones) are manifestations of the 2-12/12-2 couplets.  Tithing to a church is also a ‘2-12’ donation.

Since the 12th Triad rules thinking as well as the imagination, the 2-12 can refer to either or both.  Thinking is critical to living harmoniously with others.  And using our imagination goes hand-in-hand with thinking.  They are both dharmic as long as they abide by the Golden Rule.

Finally, the 2-12/12-2 couplets embrace the phenomenon known as the ‘Law of Attraction’ whereby your thoughts and emotions attract situations into your life.  Though you may use the law and diligently visualize future circumstances – a future love or future material gains, how they are brought to fruition is unknown.  And the unknown is always the realm of the 12th Triad. 

KARMA:  The karmic interpretations are voluminous.  Phrases include lies about love, lies about money, lies about spirituality, lies about religion, fake money (counterfeit), illicit love, hidden love affair, false illusion of love, loves tricking others, loves practical jokes, steals money, embezzles, illicit money, sinister values, loves drugs and alcohol, makes money illegally, etc. 

The other karmic behavior is ‘false love’, either feigning love or pretending to be in love with someone, when having an ulterior motive.  The classic example would be a man professing love for a woman but really being attracted to her sex appeal or her beauty.  For a woman, feigning love for a man would be karmic if the attraction is purely physical or is based upon her desire for his money or position.

PHRASES: Since thoughts, imagination, and illusions fall under the 12th Triad, additional phrases include: loves magic, loves mysteries, loves fantasy, and loves fiction.  Because the 2nd Triad relates to earnings, these phrases can also imply making money: makes money as a magician, makes money from fiction, mysteries, and fantasy, etc.  Since movies and theater create illusions for an audience, making money from illusions is also a valid reading of the 2-12/12-2 couplets.