2-11 Couplet

  • 2-11 or 11-2 Couplet: The 11th Triad demands flexibility, and this can result in benefits or problems.

DHARMA: Fundamentally, the 2-11 couplet says two things: ‘love creativity’ and ‘love people – especially friends’.  The Golden rule is all about loving everyone, and for us to weave a harmonious path through life and society requires flexibility and creativity.  Using resources for creative purposes such as new inventions, new business ventures, new art, and new music, are clearly beneficial to all as well as to the innovative person who grows in creativity and experience.  The 2-11 is then both ‘resources for innovation’ as well as ‘getting paid for creativity’.  Using resources to expand social contacts (networking) and friendships is also a beneficial use of resources. 

Again, the 11th Triad encompasses friends as well as ‘anyone and everyone’ while the 2nd Triad means ‘love’.  Together, they say that the person loves friends, friendships, and pretty much loves everyone.  This is perhaps the most dharmic goal of the 2-11 couplet.

KARMA: The major danger of the 11th Triad is becoming scattered.  And scattered resources, like money (11-2 couplet), are rarely beneficial.  Like the 2-9/9-2 couplets, the 2-11/11-2 combination also implies ‘easy come, easy go’.

Also, like the 9th Triad, the 11th Triad can imply being ‘detached’ since there can be lots of changes leaving no time for ‘attachments’ and creating no deep friendships.  From that perspective, the 11-2 suggests lots of love relationships but none very strong.