2-10 Couplet

  • 2-10 or 10-2 Couplet: The 10th Triad is all about ‘control’ and being practical which is demanded by the Laws of God and/or Nature.

DHARMA: The 2-10 or 10-2 relates to controlling resources – especially money.  Effectively, these couplets mean ‘manage resources’ or ‘budget resources’.  Any control over resources as well as the efficient utilization of them exhibits these couplets’ traits.  With the 10th Triad representing the laws of God, the 2-10/10-2 could also represent having the highest of values – God’s values.

The 10-2 couplet also reads as ‘tough love’.  Sometimes children as well as adults need correction for errant behaviors, and the corrections can sometimes seem overly severe.  But knowing that we have eternal life, the present lifetime is merely temporary.  Having an affliction (blindness, deafness, and other handicaps), though debilitating during life on this Earth, hampers just the present lifetime and is negligible within the context of eternity.  God/Nature will use an affliction as a means of ‘tough love’ when we need severe correction.  With the handicap, numerous spiritual benefits ensue.  We can no longer be impulsive.  We need to think more and plan ahead.  And we likely will need the help of others which forces social interaction and growth in friendships.  From friendship grows appreciation and love for each other, the foundation of the Golden Rule. 

KARMA: The danger of the 10th Triad is having too much stringent control, or being ‘tight fisted’.  Life demands flexibility and the 10th Triad resists this.  The counterbalance of the 10th Triad is the 4th Triad which brings forth caring and nurturing – feelings from the heart.  Control should always be balanced with caring and feelings of the heart.  Heartless leaders grow in karma.

Since the 2nd Triad relates to ‘right and wrong’ as well as honesty (truthfulness), a karmic failure of the 2-10/10-2 is ‘not being honest’, ‘not being trustworthy’, etc.