12-12 Couplet

  • 12-12 Couplet: When a triad is doubled, it is exalted, and the traits are emphasized or magnified.  When a double 12th Triad is encountered, immediately start thinking ‘Doctors, Ministers, and Musicians’.

DHARMIC: The exalted 12th Triad can highlight an exceptionally spiritual person.  Sharon Christa McAuliffe, whose life exhibited the highest of spiritual ideals, had a 12-12 combination (Pisces on the cusp of the 12th House).  Outstanding musicians certainly could fall within the 12-12 couplet, but since the 12th Triad also includes illusions of any sort, movies (especially fantasies), magicians, and ‘thinking’ in general, the 12-12 could be ‘thinking about music’ (composing songs), thinking about spirituality, creating a religious movie, creating a documentary movie about the ocean, and many, many other things.

KARMIC:  The 12th Triad can indicate spirituality, but it can also denote charlatans and false beliefs.  And the double 12th Triad could harbor a spectacular spiritual fake.  The 12-12 couplet can also indicate criminal activity or the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

PHRASES: A ‘drinking song’ fits the 12-12 combination as well as music played in a restaurant or bar.  Cooking with wine is another fit.  An oil slick in the ocean would be a 12-12 couplet.  Italian dressing (oil & vinegar) is a classic 12-12 combination.  A midnight swim could become a 12-12 couplet.  A swim-up bar in a pool would be a 12-12 couplet, too.  Cartoons are another classic 12-12 combination.