11-12 Couplet

  • 11-12 or 12-11 Couplet: The 12th Triad relates to our thoughts, ideals, spirituality, and religious beliefs.  It also includes consciousness and the subconscious.  Meanwhile, the 11th Triad relates to change, technology, networking, and groups of people.

DHARMIC: Bringing together the ideas of ‘networking’ (11th Triad) and spirituality (12th Triad), it suggests a ‘spiritual network’.  It can also be ‘spiritual friends’.  A classic example would be social activities at a church.  Studying religious material in a group would be the 11-12 couplet, too.

Since the 11th Triad includes technology, perhaps a true ‘spiritual technology’ would be prayer.  Even so, many religious groups are utilizing technology in religious services – computer technology, amplification of sermons and music, CDs for meditation or other religious material, etc.  As long as these all align with the Golden Rule, they are dharmic.

The 11th Triad also rules creativity, and the 12th Triad rules thinking as well as the imagination.  Combined, they say creative thinking and creative imagination.  Music is also a 12th Triad activity, so the creativity extends to music.  Other creative endeavors would include liquids which are ruled by the 12th Triad.  Watercolors, oil painting, and acrylic art would be included.  Cooking is a 12th Triad matter because much cooking entails boiling.  So, the creativity could be with the culinary arts. 

The 11th Triad also encompasses technology, so inventing new technology would be the 11-12 couplet.  Since the 11th Triad includes electricity, the invention will likely be electric.  But as with all of the above, for any of it to be dharmic, it must align with the principles and spirit of the Golden Rule.

Finally, the 12th Triad embraces ideals, and with the universal trait of the 11th Triad (‘anybody and everybody’), the 11-12 couplet says ‘universal spiritual ideals’ of which the Golden Rule would be the prominent example.

KARMIC: First and foremost, the 11-12 couplet says ‘scattered thinking’ which is karmic.  If a person is unable to keep focus, nothing gets accomplished.  Tying scattered with liquids, a karmic situation would be scattering pollutants in our lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Sadly, this could also say that ‘everybody’ is polluting our waters.

The 12th Triad generally relates to karma, and adding the idea of groups of people (11th Triad), it says ‘group karma’.  Not only are we responsible for our own character flaws, we are responsible for the flaws of those with whom we associate.  If we participate in a group, we share the flaws and the karma of the group. 

PHRASES: The 12th Triad relates to any and all beverages and foods. So it relates to ‘public food’ (11-12) which would indicate restaurants.  Creative imagination also falls within the 11-12 couplet, so fantasy, dreams, and other imaginative activities indicate the 11-12 combination. 

Because the 11th Triad represents technology and electricity, and the 12th Triad represents thinking, combining the two implies ‘technology for thinking’ which suggests computers.  However, in practice, the 3-11/11-3 couplets are more predictive of using computers.  Nevertheless, with the advent of robotics and artificial intelligence, the 11-12/12-11 might be more indicative of this specialized area of computer technology.  (More research is needed.)

Since the 12th Triad encompasses religion and music, and the 11th Triad includes groups of people, the 11-12/12-11 combination would represent a church congregation as well as an orchestra.  In fact, any association for a 12th Triad field would fit – an ecumenical council, the American Medical Association (AMA), Brewers Association, American Pharmacists Association (APhA), National Restaurant Association, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), American Water Works Association (AWWA), etc.

Finally, the 11-12 says ‘electricity from water’.  Not only would this be lightning from rain storms, but it would also be ‘hydroelectric power’ (electricity from river dams) or electricity from ionic solutions as found in electrolytic and galvanic cells (like automobile batteries).