11-11 Couplet

  • 11-11 Couplet: When a triad is doubled, it is exalted, and the traits are emphasized or magnified.  Terms related to the 11th Triad include: creativity, innovation, adaptation, inventiveness, newness, the strange or unusual, diversity, variety, technology, networks, populations, social groups, friends, lightning, and electricity.  Above all, it represents change, which is exhibited by all of the above.  Sharon Mann’s phrase was ‘sudden, unexpected changes’. 

DHARMIC: Where the 9-11 couplet represents ‘global friendship’, the 11-11 couplet says ‘universal friendship’ – friendship everywhere and with everyone, friendship anywhere and with anyone.  This dharmic ideal transcends Earthly existence and extends throughout the universe and spiritual realms.

KARMIC: The worst interpretation of the 11-11 couplet is ‘chaotic and unpredictable chaos’.  Without any structure for us to grab onto, the universe would be terrifying or be reduced to a void, taking us to our demise.  The 11-11 couplet also says, ‘people in chaos’.  Effectively, this would be mob action or a general riot.  The detrimental and karmic effects would be rampant. 

PHRASES: The 11-11 couplet says ‘universal changes’ which indicates that the universe is in a constant state of flux, just as Heraclitus said thousands of years ago. 

The 11-11 also says ‘technological people’ which would indicate an advanced society.  But it could also indicate merging technology with people.  In other words, it suggests cyborgs and robots.  Adding the 10th Triad to make a triplet (10-11-11) would suggest that the person’s ‘job is techno-people’ (cyborgs or robots).  But it can also say that the ‘job is networking with people’ or the ‘job is social networking’, which is how it would have been manifested in ancient times as well as in the present.