10-12 Couplet

  • 10-12 or 12-10 Couplet: The 12th Triad represents fluids while the 10th Triad represents structure, the antithesis of fluids and flow.  The underlying premise is ‘controlling flow’ and channeling fluid behavior. 

DHARMIC: The 12-10 couplet says ‘spiritual work’.  Neptune is spiritual, and Saturn is ‘reality’. Together they can read as ‘spiritual truth’.  One of the strongest traits underneath the 12th Triad is donating one’s time, resources, and efforts for the benefit of others.  Such giving comes from the heart and expresses one of the highest dharmic ideals within the Golden Rule.  As such, the 10-12/12-10 represents all types of philanthropy. – big or small.  It represents helping a neighbor without expectation of anything in return.  It would include donations to a church or any worthy cause. 

Perhaps one of the most worthy causes is to rid our world of conflict, anger, animosity, and vengeance.  For this, the 12th Triad embraces forgiveness.  And the 10-12 says to work on forgiveness. 

Above all, if we are to progress spiritually, we must work on how and what we think.  Working on our thoughts is the 10-12 couplet.  And our thoughts need to align with reality – the 12-10 couplet.  But our work must focus upon ideals; our work is aligning with ideals (the Golden Rule).  This, too, is the 10-12 couplet (work on ideals).  Finally, we must bring hope into reality (12-10).

KARMIC: Where the 10th Triad represents reality and truth, the 12th Triad indicates falsehood.  With the 10th Triad representing the government, the 10-12 couplet suggests government corruption or propaganda. 

PHRASES: Any sort of structure to contain or channel fluids fits the 10-12/12-10 couplets.  Common examples for water include: water pipes, aqueducts, canals, water bottles, kitchen pots and pans, water heaters, swimming pools, reservoirs, etc.  Since the 10th Triad represents geology and rocks, water turned into rock (ice) fits the 12-10 couplet, too.  Companies that deal with liquid chemicals or biological fluids are included (blood, plasma, anhydrous ammonia fertilizer, effluents, oil, gasoline, liquid soaps and detergents, etc.).  Bottled, canned or packaged beverages fall within this realm (soft drinks, beer, wine, fruit juices, etc.).  Any organization which systematizes donations or promotes public welfare is included: government welfare, charities, companies that recycle donated clothes and goods (like Goodwill Industries), etc.  Any job related to the above lists is a 10-12/12-10 career.

Finally, because the 12th Triad relates to spirituality, medicines, and music, anyone with a job in these fields (minister, physician, composer, etc.) would exemplify the 10-12/12-10 combination (preacher, pediatrician, tuba player, etc.)