10-11 Couplet

  • 10-11 or 11-10 Couplet: The 10th Triad ‘restricts and focuses’, as Sharon Mann often said.  But the 11th Triad represents ‘anything and everything’.  With the 10-11/11-10 couplets, ‘flexibility’ meets ‘rigidity’ and ‘creativity’ meets ‘control’.  Though these may seem at odds with one another, they actually work together quite beautifully in our bodies – ankles, wrists, shoulders, and all other flexible joints.  The key to understanding the 10-11/11-10 couplets is to recognize the 10th Triad as a limiting factor.  Thus, the 11-10 says ‘flexible within limits’.  And that exemplifies all of our bodily joints.

DHARMIC: Perhaps the most dharmic expression of the 11-10 couplet is having a group of people working together.  The 11-10 couplet says ‘teamwork’.  We survive and thrive by working together, by being part of a social group and a society. 

The 10-11 also says ‘work flexibly’.  To work with others, as well as with a dynamic universe, it is critical that we adapt as circumstances change.  Again, remaining flexible is a crucial and dharmic attribute.

It is also important to control the range of flexibility.  Or as stated above, be ‘flexible within limits’.  The Golden Rule accommodates a vast array of differences, but there are limits.  One person’s freedom is limited by the freedom of another.  One person’s freedom stops where another person’s freedom begins.  Where that line of demarcation exists is not always clear and requires flexibility on the part of both individuals in order to live together harmoniously. 

KARMIC: The major problem of the 11th Triad is inconsistency – the ‘roller coaster’.  With the 10th Triad representing rules and structure, the 10-11/11-10 combination indicates a potential karmic problem of changing ‘rules on the fly’.  The 7-10/10-7 combination corrects this saying ‘plan the work, work the plan’.  Abruptly changing plans while in the midst of doing work (11-10 couplet), typically fails and is karmic.

Similarly, the failing of the 11th Triad is being ‘scattered’ and lacking focus.  The 10th Triad ‘restricts and focuses’ (aka ‘controls and focuses’).  To be karmic, the 10th Triad implies ‘lack of focus’ and lack of discipline.  Basically, this is a lack of control over ‘scattered work’ (11-10 couplet).

Finally, this person can be obnoxious by being an ‘authority’ (10th Triad) about ‘anything and everything’ (11th Triad).  Whatever the subject, this person has either “done it, seen it, or flown over it” (as Sharon liked to say). 

PHRASES: Phrases to express the 10-11/11-10 couplets include ‘creative/innovative work’ and ‘flexible work’.  Any job which deals with the public is a 10-11/11-10 combination.  Taking a government census is a 10-11/11-10 activity.  A job in human resources fits as does being a social worker.  Jobs in technology – especially creating new technology, are 10-11/11-10 jobs.  Any job related to electricity, electrical equipment, or the generation of electrical power falls within the 10-11/11-10 arena.  Since coal is often burned to create electricity, the 11-10 couplet fits – ‘electricity from rocks’.  This also fits the concept of generating electricity from geology represented by coal, oil shale, and other fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, etc.).

The 10th Triad represents government, too, so the 10-11 implies ‘government by the people’ which implies a democracy.  It would also encompass tribal governing principles where no single chief guides the group but, rather, a council of elders.  The 10-11 also implies that the government experiences constant change – either a dynamic government, or a government in disarray.  (The 11-10 couplet says ‘change is the law’.)  It is not clear if a 10-11/11-10 government would be karmic, dharmic, or both.

Finally, with the 10th Triad representing reality and truth, and the 11th Triad representing ‘anywhere and everywhere’, the combination says ‘truth anywhere and everywhere’.  Within philosophy, this is called a universal truth.  So, the 11-10 couplet says ‘universal truth’.  Examples would be the fundamental laws of physics, like the conservation of energy and entropy.