10-10 Couplet

  • 10-10 Couplet: As Sharon Mann often said, “Saturn restricts and focuses.”  With Saturn being the ruler of the 10th Triad, that energy trickles down to Capricorn and the 10th House.  Effectively, this manifests energy of ‘control’.  When a triad is doubled, it is exalted, and the traits are emphasized or magnified.  Since the 10th Triad includes geology, any job dealing with rocks, ore, soils, asphalt, concrete, or earth moving would be within the 10-10 couplet.

DHARMIC: Above all else, we are here for spiritual growth.  Experiences in life become part of our personal history, and coming to understand and learn from it is a crucial and on-going activity.  If we have lessons to learn, then learning such lessons is our job and career.

To take responsibility for self is a key objective for everyone, and the 10-10 couplet underscores taking responsibility.  With the additional demands of reality to be practical and methodical in whatever we do, the exalted 10-10 would suggest an individual has a management position. 

Finally, a subtle but critically important factor of the 10th Triad is creating and maintaining effectiveness and efficiency.  Whatever the task or job, it must be completed with the results being effective.  Problems must be solved.  But solutions which maximize efficiency are also rewarded by the universe.  Automobiles, for example, get sleeker and more fuel efficient every year.  Other technology is getting improved to be more durable.  With all inventions, the first milestone was solving a problem.  But after that, the solution is constantly being made more efficient to save time and resources.  The 10-10 says ‘effective and efficient’.

KARMIC: The greatest problems for the 10th Triad are not being disciplined, not being methodical, not being practical and, worst of all, not being responsible.

Another issue with the 10th Triad is being too rigid.  The universe is dynamic and always changing.  Anything too rigid or brittle will likely break when a dynamic force encounters it.  As with all karma, karma comes from too much or too little.  The 10th Triad brings structure; too much structure or too little structure will lead to failures.  Too much structure likely inhibits flexibility which the universe demands.  Too little structure and whatever is built will be like a ‘house of cards’ and not withstand the test of time.  

PHRASES: Among the ideas encompassed by the 10th Triad include: reality, fundamental laws, history, structure, geology, control, government, restrictions, limitations, methodology, practicality, work, job, and career.  The 10-10 couplet suggests marrying two of these together (e.g., ‘government job’, ‘structured control’, ‘geologic history’, etc.).

And just as the 4th Triad typically relates to mothers, wives, women, and nurturing in general (femininity), the 10th Triad relates to fathers, husbands, men, and discipline in general (masculinity).  The 10-10 couplet, being exalted, might amplify male characteristics and imply ‘a man’s man’, a ‘macho man’, or a ‘he-man’.  However, Carl Sagan’s Chaostrology Chart had Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th House (a triple 10th Triad), and though he was a powerful figure in science, he hardly seemed to fit the connotations we attach to bloated manly terms.  He was just a good-looking, smart guy who inspired us and excited us about the universe.