1-9 Couplet

  • 1-9 or 9-1 Couplet: The motto of the 9th Triad is, “Don’t fence me in!”  The 9th Triad person revels in her or his freedom – especially freedom of mind.  Roughly one out of every 12 people will have Sagittarius on the cusp or within the 1st House creating the 1-9 combination.  But this combination can show up elsewhere – Mars conjunct Jupiter, Aries on the 9th House, etc. 

DHARMA: The world gains from the expansion of knowledge.  And the 1-9 couplet is often associated with someone who has a degree or professional certification.  But the 1-9 can also read as ‘self knowledge’ which would be knowledge acquired by the person’s initiative and not necessarily from a formal school.  Regardless of how the knowledge is obtained, the 1-9 couplet says that the person is seen as ‘knowledgeable’.  Reversing the couplet gives a 9-1 which implies a ‘knowledge leader’ or expert.  The 9-1 couplet could also say ‘educated by self’ or an autodidact.  In any of these cases, knowledge would be the primary key to success, and becoming knowledgeable is generally dharmic.

KARMA: Negating the 1-9 couplet says ‘not seen as knowledgeable’ or ‘seen as ignorant’.  Additionally, the 9th Triad person can be seen as too laid back or detached from circumstances (not paying attention).  Rather than explore and learn, a 9th Triad person might become lazy and procrastinate.  The other negative tendency is to become a ‘loner’ and even anti-social.  All of these are karmic. 

Finally, the 1st Triad encompasses heat and fire while the 9th Triad encompasses the atmosphere and air.  Combined, the 1-9 says ‘hot air’ or ‘big heat’.  A karmic interpretation might be, “He’s full of hot air.”  And it could be the result of the 9-1 couplet – ‘big anger’.  The 9th Triad is free, and to vent anger freely, no matter who is affected, is karmic.

PHRASES: The 9-1 couplet reads as ‘expanding self’.  When growing up, this fits nicely.  But as an adult, it suggests gaining weight.  If weight control has been a problem in past lives or the present one, this becomes karmic.  In general, people with 1-9/9-1 combinations are seen as easy going and ‘laid back’.  They often are large in girth or height (or both).  Being well educated or learned is also frequently associated with the 1-9/9-1 combinations.

(Incidentally, common 9th Triad traits include being tall or heavy. Having ‘red hair’ is also common.)

As with all couplets, the above descriptions are not exhaustive, and they will be augmented as new data is brought forth.

Copyright 2019 J. Keeran, A. Dotson, & V. Rockey