1-5 Couplet

  • 1-5 or 5-1 Couplet: Here is someone ‘in the public eye’ – a celebrity. The person might be in the media – a news anchor, a famous author, a movie star, etc.  The individual might be a public leader (a politician, perhaps).  More often than not, the person is likely in sales.  But the 1-5/5-1 could simply mean that the person is fun to be with and popular.  Roughly one out of every 12 people will have Leo on the cusp or within the 1st House creating the 1-5 combination.  But this combination can show up elsewhere – Mars in Leo, Mars conjunct the Sun, etc.
DHARMA: This individual likely exhibits initiative, courage, and leadership.  When beneficial to all, these are dharmic. KARMA: The person might be a ‘blowhard’ who hogs the limelight.  Arrogance, self praise, and boasting are all karmic manifestations of the 1-5/5-1 combination.  However, Sharon Mann found that underneath a ‘blowhard’ was usually someone lacking confidence and courage.  Her phrase for people desperately trying to gain the approval of others was, “Laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.” PHRASES: The 5th Triad includes sports, games, and anything fun to do.  And the 5-1 couplet says ‘fun doing’.  This person likes to do things, likes to take action.  A military parade or a ’21 gun salute’ would both be theatrics with weapons and soldiers (5-1). As with all couplets, the above descriptions are not exhaustive, and they will be augmented as new data is brought forth. Copyright 2019 J. Keeran, A. Dotson, & V. Rockey