1-3 Couplet

  • 1-3 or 3-1 Couplet: This person is either a ‘talker’, a ‘doer’, or both. With a combination of self (1st Triad) and communication, this individual is a communicator – often seen as a ‘talker’.  They also tend to make lots of short trips either by a vehicle or by walking (e.g., a delivery driver or a mail carrier).  This individual is seen as having a ‘quick mind’ which results in the person doing two or more things at the same time; they usually multitask.  In addition to having a quick and agile mind, this person likely has a quick and agile body, too.  Athletes often have the 1-3/3-1 couplets in their charts.  Overall this person has quickness with talking and/or doing.  Typically, this person is ‘time oriented’ (and in a hurry).  Roughly one out of every 12 people will have Gemini on the cusp or within the 1st House creating the 1-3 combination.  But this combination can show up elsewhere – Aries on the 3rd House, Mars conjunct Mercury, etc.

DHARMA: Communicating effectively with others is a critical dharmic skill and is a 1-3 couplet trait.  In fact, this person could be seen as a leader either in communication or photography or sports.  But such leadership is only dharmic if it aligns with the Golden Rule.  Because we have two eyes, the duality of the 3rd Triad combines with light represented by the 1st Triad, and it brings eyes and eyesight into the 1-3 couplet.  With the 1st Triad representing glass, optical equipment falls within the 1-3 couplet – reading glasses, contact lenses, microscopes, telescopes, etc.  Anything which helps us see is dharmic.  So, ophthalmologists and opticians are in dharmic career fields.

KARMA: This person likely makes hasty decisions and seems to chatter endlessly – a ‘chatterbox’ or ‘motor mouth’.  Regarding a vehicle, this person tends to drive over the speed limit or drives too fast for conditions.

PHRASES: A 3-1 or 1-3 couplet strongly suggests a quick mind as well as someone being seen as intelligent.  A speech given by a leader (elected, corporate, or other official) would be a 3-1 couplet.  At the end of a speech, a ‘call to action’ would also exemplify the 3-1 combination.  Communication using light or fire must be included, too – semaphores, smoke signals, neon signs, even traffic lights.

As with all couplets, the above descriptions are not exhaustive, and they will be augmented as new data is brought forth.

Copyright 2019 J. Keeran, A. Dotson, & V. Rockey