1-2 Couplet

  • 1-2 or 2-1 Couplet: With a combination of self (1st Triad) and material goods or valuables (2nd Triad), this person usually handles money or is concerned with wealth and may even be seen as affluent.  However, to become wealthy, the individual must be proficient at weighing values – quality and durability, good versus bad.  Roughly one out of every 12 people will have Taurus on the cusp or within the 1st House creating the 1-2 combination.  But this combination can show up elsewhere – Aries on the 2nd House, Mars conjunct Venus, etc. 

DHARMA: This person exhibits leadership concerning weighing values – especially regarding money as well as the quality and durability of material goods.  The 1st Triad suggests a leader.  Combined with the 2nd Triad, this could mean a leader in banking.  But anyone who is good at separating right from wrong, good from bad, would be signified by the 1-2/2-1 couplets. 

KARMA: This individual tends to be impulsive with money and resources leading to financial problems, frustration, and anger. 

PHRASES: The 2-1 couplet also says ‘loves self’, which has both good and bad implications.  It is important to love ourselves, but there is a tendency with the 1-2/2-1 couplets to be a bit superficial due to the impulsiveness of the 1st Triad. 

As with all couplets, the above descriptions are not exhaustive, and they will be augmented as new data is brought forth.

Copyright 2019 J. Keeran, A. Dotson, & V. Rockey