1-11 Couplet

  • 1-11 or 11-1 Couplet: Sharon Mann describe the ruler of this triad, Uranus, as ‘sudden, unexpected changes – never you’ (a often used ‘Sharonism’).  However, in this case with the 1st Triad involved, it is ‘you’.  This is the exception to Sharon’s rule.  The person in question does create unexpected changes in the lives of others.  Roughly one out of every 12 people will have Aquarius on the cusp or within the 1st House creating the 1-11 combination.  But this combination can show up elsewhere – Mars in the 11th House, Uranus in Aries, etc. 

DHARMA: The classic 11-1 (or 1-11) read is that the person is ‘friendly’.  This, in and of itself, is a dharmic trait.  If we are to care about each other, we must be friendly towards each other.  Friendliness puts others at ease and makes them feel welcome.  This is dharma at its finest.  The second dharmic trait, which is born of our ability to get along with others, is flexibility and an ability to adapt to both people and circumstances.  And this flexibility and adaptability builds our creative thinking and problem solving skills.  This, too, is dharma at its finest.  11-1 or 1-11 people are friendly, flexible, and creative. 

KARMA: On the downside, these 11th Triad folks tend to be scattered.  They are easily distracted and lose focus.  As lovable as they may be, their reliability can be sketchy.  The 11th Triad is a ‘roller coaster’, and changes in the life of an 11th Triad person are virtually constant, unpredictable, and even unnerving.

As with all couplets, the above descriptions are not exhaustive, and they will be augmented as new data is brought forth.

Copyright 2019 J. Keeran, A. Dotson, & V. Rockey