Welcome to Chaostrology.com. Our site is home to a new reconstruction of astrology based in science. The planets and stars do not guide you. You are affected primarily by the magnetosphere of the Earth as well as Chaos Theory. These are tangible, verifiable aspects of the universe. You can test for magnetism anywhere around the Earth. Meanwhile, the effects of Chaos Theory in nature are becoming more an more apparent and verified. The failures of traditional astrology (“Tropical” astrology) of inaccurate planetary locations is also corrected within Chaostrology by utilizing Sidereal astrology – an eastern version (originating in India) which is little used in western countries. Thought the planets do not affect us, they represent chaotic cycles, and watching them is like watching the hands of a clock. They can be used to time the various chaotic cycles inherent in our solar system, upon the Earth, and within our lives.

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